Hollywood and Covid-19: How Production and Post Are Working Safely in the Pandemic

When it comes to Covid-19, Hollywood is learning to cope with a new normal. Panelists convened for a “virtual town hall” meeting held by the Hollywood Professional Association’s (HPA) Industry Recovery Task Force indicated that many post facilities are following industry guidelines for safety and are moving forward with some combination of work-from-home arrangements and, when necessary, on-site staffing situations.

Blu-ray Disc Review: The Circus

It started with the tightrope. That was Charlie Chaplin’s original idea for The Circus—his iconic character, the Tramp, forced into a high-wire act, defying death and injury on a rope stretched taut far above the ground. It was later, shortly before production started, that the monkeys came into the picture.

Making Premium Sci-Fi TV on a Shoestring Budget

Science-fiction thriller Dani Who? is a far cry from traditional Mexican television fare. Produced by Headroom, a boutique production unit inside Mexico City’s Argos Comunicación, the 10-episode series made for Viacom International Studios is one of a new breed of shows that’s raising the bar for storytelling and production value beyond the 120-installment telenovelas commonly associated with the Latin American market.

8K TVs Sparkle at CES, but What Will You Watch on Them?

If price points are anything to go by, 2020 may be the year 8K finally happens. Right now, Amazon.com will sell you a 55-inch 8K Samsung QLED TV for $2,197. That’s still a lot of money, yes, but only because prices have crashed quickly on 4K screens. It seems that 8K TVs could soon face the same kind of competition that forced down 4K prices, potentially creating a tipping point for consumers that could arrive by the next holiday season.