Automotive’s Holographic Future: 3D Dashboards, Smart Headlights and Mixed-Reality Driving

The 2020s will be the decade of the autonomous automobile. As cars become Internet-connected machines, constantly streaming data from 4G and 5G networks, their use of new display technology will rapidly evolve—not only to deliver an incredible new range of data to drivers, but also to create new entertainment options for everyone in the car. A trend toward larger screens is already apparent, from the 17-inch touch screens of the Tesla Model S and X to the even larger prototypes seen in concept cars like the Sony Vision-S and the Byton M-Byte—big enough to encompass entertainment applications as well as the more traditional instrument panels and navigation—with holographic and other stereo 3D display techniques coming on strong. No wonder that, at its CES 2020 press conference, automotive component supplier Bosch cited estimates (by consultancy Global Market Insights) that the market for vehicle displays will more than double by 2025, reaching $30 billion worldwide. 

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